Blossoming Little Artist On Your Hands? Why You Should Get Their Art Supplies Online

If one of your children has announced that they've taken an interest in becoming an artist, you're probably anxious to get the supplies that they need to make their dream a reality.  Although you may want to rush out to your local art store to grab an easel, paintbrushes and a myriad of colors, you may want to let your fingers do the walking.  Use this information to learn more about why it may be a better idea to purchase the art supplies that your child longs for from a virtual vendor. Read More 

5 Questions To Ask Before Enrolling Your Child In A Ballet Class

Does your young child aspire to become a dancer? If so, then you may want to consider enrolling him or her in a ballet class. Ballet classes can begin at a very young age (as early as your child's toddler years) and can be an excellent way to keep your child active and agile, and to teach him or her discipline. Still, you don't want to enroll your young child in just any ballet class; in fact, there are a few specific questions you'll want to ask a ballet instructor before you sign any paperwork. Read More 

Why You Really Shouldn’t Take Pictures In A Gallery, Even Without The Flash

If you're about to visit an art gallery that recently allowed photography, you may want to put that camera away anyway. While many galleries have long prohibited pictures, a number have been allowing non-flash photography in an effort to deal with the growing presence of smartphones. But that doesn't make the photography the best thing for the gallery, or you. Here's a look at why you should continue to use your eyes only when in front of a work of art. Read More