Wedding Guest Books: So Much More Than A List Of Names

If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, you have likely noticed that small touches really set the mood for the whole event. For example, the color of your flowers can really set the tone for the ambiance, party favors say a lot about you, and music creates specific emotions. Another small touch that can make a big difference comes in the form of your guest book. Some people do not seem to put a lot of thought into how their guests will sign in. However, a personalized hardcover wedding guest book can take a seemingly meaningless roll of guests and turn it into a cherished keepsake. Here are a few of the ways this is accomplished.

Share Your Life With Your Guests

A sad but true reality is that not everyone you love will get to know your fiance before your big day. Fortunately, pictures are a way of shedding some light on the life that the two of you share together. If a picture is really worth a thousand words a wedding guest book could tell the story of your love to those in your sphere in just a few pages. Guests of your wedding will love the opportunity to see candid moments, formal photos, and adventure shots as they sign their name, attesting their support of your union. 

Get Words of Wisdom

In addition to just seeing your pictures and signing their names, many modern wedding guest books have plenty of space for your beloved guests to leave marriage advice and words of wisdom. This is such a beautiful way to invite your guests to interact with you and your spouse. Many newlyweds take the time to really read and study their guest book on or around their one year anniversary. 

Remember Who Was There

In addition to just remembering who was present on the day of your marriage, interactive wedding guest books allow your guests to give you little memories to cherish. For example, imagine that your aged grandmother leaves you a little piece of wedding advice in your guest book, and then passes away a short time later. Instead of just having her name in your book or even a typed piece of advice from her, you actually have her unique handwriting. What a special memory. You will cherish your wedding guest book for the rest of your life. 

In conclusion, a personalized wedding guest book could be the final classy touch that your wedding has been needing. Order yours online or at a local photo print shop like Luna Paper Company near you today.